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Digital Sound - SSTV




Slow Scan TV has been popular for many years, although the vast majority these days is computer generated. The most common modes are Martin and Scottie. Robot still has a following. Most SSTV programs handle these modes and others too. The received pictures are built up line by line over the course of nearly a minute so you need to be patient! Quality can be very good, even over long distance paths. Here are two pictures received by me the topmost one is from Hawaii (KH6AT) and the bottom one is from Sweden (SM7UZB).

Creation date : 15/04/2012 @ 22:18
Last update : 15/04/2012 @ 22:38
Category : Digital Sound
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Welcome to The Manotick Amateur Radio Group

Watson's Mill, Manotick, Ontario


      On Behalf of the new Executive and active members, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all members of the Manotick Amateur Radio Group that we are back on line with a new look and feel. We hope to make a difference by getting more people involved within the hobby, such as community events, field day radio events and emergency services. We appreciate you taking the time to register and really look forward to reading your posts.

Thanks again for joining!





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