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ARES - DEC Report - Feb 2013

Report February 2013

Several groups within the Eastern Ontario ARES District have been involved with two major events: the Canadian Ski Marathon and the Silver Spoon Ski Race. This involved a total of 51 local amateurs. As well ARES Groups are upgrading equipment and making headways into their local communities with agreements. Plans for the future include more upgrades to equipment and capabilities and planning for upcoming events. At the District level there will be a district meeting in May which will provide an opportunity for the groups throughout the district to come together and discuss their successes over the past year, indicate their plans for the coming year and discuss any areas of mutual aid that require adjustment. Unlike last month's report, things were busy at EMRG / Ottawa ARES in February. 44 hams, both local and from some distance away assisted with safety and logistics communications for the Canadian Ski Marathon, a 160km, two day ski through the rural Quebec countryside. The list of operators is at the end of this message. Meanwhile back in town, Peter, VE3BQP has done more work on the radios in the local Red Cross office. He has put in a lot of effort both there and at the Barrhaven repeater site. In addition to the 2m repeater rack relocation announced in December, there is now also a 1200 baud packet node and a UHF repeater running at that site. The batteries have been replaced on schedule. This time with more but smaller batteries, so they can be carried more easily as getting to the rack now involves a climb up a ladder. Some antenna work is still required in the spring, and packet connectivity tests between the Red Cross office and their counterparts in neighbouring areas still needs to be carried out. Speaking of testing, the normal monthly testing of our voice repeaters, winlink and BBS hardware was carried out by Peter VE3BQP, Mike VE3KOY, Sandy VE3AAC, Harold VA3UNK, Arthur VA3BIT, Bob VA3QV, Tim VA3PYC and Roger VE3NPO, led by Dave, VE3KMV. Mike VE3FFK and Tim VA3PYC gave the digital hardware a workout. All was running nominally. Next month the new UHF voice and VHF packet hardware in Barrhaven will be added to the tests.


Ski Marathon Amateur radio volunteers: Roland VA2BRD, Robert VA2DRU, Carole VA2NDJ, Clarence VA2SLB, Ron VA3ACZ, Arthur VA3BIT, Dean VA3CDD, Tyler VA3DGN, Marc VA3DRV, Jonathon VA3GDG, Jamie VA3JME, John VA3JO, Craig VA3KRT, Georges VA3LZY, Peggy VA3PGY, Theresa VA3TGS, Harold VA3UNK, Christine VA3VAK, Margaret VA3VXN, François VE2AAY,Malcolm VE2DDZ, Souly VE2FFS, Ray VE2HMA, Normand VE2NHK, Stéphane VE2STQ, Duncan VE3BDC, Wayne VE3CZO, Bill VE3DW, Mike VE3FFK, Gord VE3FRB, Harrie VE3HYS, Gaëtan VE3IET, Ian VE3IGJ, Earle VE3IMP, Luc VE3JGL, John VE3JKG, Lynda VE3JRL, Erik VE3KIH, David VE3KMV, Neil VE3PUE, Richard VE3UNW, Gordon VE3XGP, Greg VE3YTZ and Alan VE3ZTU.

The Renfrew County (West) Amateur Radio Emergency Services group (RCW- ARES) provided radio communications for the 41st Silver Spoon Ski Race on the 9th of February 2013. 210 participants aged 8 to over 70 competed in 27 categories over distances ranging from 1.5 to 15 km. This was the 40th year that RCW-ARES has been involved with the race. The following RCW-ARES members provided communications for the event: AEC Dom (VE3DGZ), AEC Richard (VA3BIX), Norm (VE3UE), Rob (VA3AGN), Alan (VA3HTO) and Ron (VE3ZRV). Our communications plan included a base station at the Start line and two checkpoints along the course. We equipped the Base station with an ICOM IC-28A and a 5/8 whip with ground plane on a pop-up mast for 2m communications and a YAESU FT-60R with a PRIME AL-800 2m/70cm High Gain Antennae for 70cm communications. Our VHF link also made use of the Renfrew County Amateur Radio Club’s Laurentian Hills repeater, VA3RBW. The 5km checkpoint (furthest from the start line) operated on 2m through the repeater, while the 10km checkpoint operated on 70cm simplex. As per the established Silver Spoon emergency plan, messages related to potential emergencies would have been directed to the various safety crews and to the event controller by cell phone. Luckily, no incidents were reported this year. The SD&G Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) has been quite busy over the past couple of months. The SD&G EC continues to provide SD&G ARES updates at each Seaway Valley Amateur Radio Club (SVARC) Inc meeting with our last meeting held on January 30, 2013. At that meeting there were presentations by two representatives from The Canadian Red Cross, Cornwall with whom we have a very good working relationship. Official ARES bulletins continue to be read by the EC and AECs each Monday, at 7:00 PM local on the club’s 2-Metre net. The net has been expanded to include a UHF and D-STAR portions. This allows us to confirm that all of our three area repeaters are operational. The SD&G Group continues its expansion into the townships. following the ARES presentation to the Township of South Glengarry on January 2013. The presentation was well received with the township entering into a communications agreement with SD&G. Some members of the SD&G Group joined with other amateurs in eastern Ontario and western Quebec to provide communications for the Canadian Ski Marathon (CSM) – Feb.10, 2013. During the coming month, SD&G operators are planning to provide communications for the Raisin River Canoe Race - April 7, 2013 which goes from St. Andrews to Williamstown. The Prescott-Russell ARES Group Three members of the PR-ARES group traveled down to the Orlando Hamcation in mid-February while on vacation in the area, Lance VA3LP, Jim VA3KV and Jeff VA3ISP. This year’s Hamcation was a success as the number of Amateurs attending has increased again this year. Most of the major purveyors of amateur radio equipment were there and many of the dealers throughout the south eastern US. Other than a smaller venue, Hamcation provides all the same possibilities as you would find at Dayton including a very good indoor and outdoor fleamarket. At this time a KPC3+ packet controller was acquired and will be placed in service as an ARES digipeater and BBS back in Prescott-Russell. Also 100 Anderson Power Poles were purchased for distribution at home. The group continues with their weekly Nets on Tuesday evenings on the VE3PRV and VA3PRA repeaters. The month of March will find the group preparing for the upcoming Clarence-Rockland Classic Bike race on Sunday the 7th of April 2013. This race covers 85 km on the back roads of the City of Clarence-Rockland.



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