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ARES - East Ont ARES District Meeting May 2013 Report

Eastern Ontario ARES District
Meeting May 2013
VA3LP Lance Peterson DEC Eastern Ontario
VE3IPC Mike Hickey SM ONE
VE3FFK Mike Kelly EMRG
VA3PYC Tim Pychyl EMRG/Almonte ARC
VE3BQP Peter Gamble EMRG
VE3UNW Richard Hagemeyer EMRG
VE3KOY Michael Kostiuk EMRG
VE3KMV Dave Harris EMRG
Appendix A Agenda District Meeting
Appendix B SM Report
Appendix C LNL – E-mail over Ham Radio
Appendix D EMRG – Status Report
Appendix E PR-ARES Report
Appendix F District Packet Report
Appendix G ICS213MM Briefing and Exercise
The District Emergency oordinator (DEC), Lance Peterson VA3LP, opened the 9th annual meeting at 10AM and welcomed all to the meeting. After the usual explanations of where the bathrooms are and that there was water and coffee available in the next room, the group jumped right into the schedule.
DEC Lance asked each person to stand up and give their callsign, name and affiliation with ARES. The DEC then requested that anyone who had additions to the agenda to put them forward now and they would be added at the end of the schedule. As no one indicated that there were additions to the meeting agenda, the first item up was group reports. The Section Manager (SM) Michael Hickey VE3IPC gave his report on the Ontario East (ONE) Section. It is attached as Appendix B.
The following Groups provided reports for the meeting:
Bob Howard VE3YX – RCW – No hard copy.
Norm Hagan VE3VY – LNL ARES Group – Appendix C.
Richard Hagemeyer VE3UNW – EMRG Group Report – Appendix D
Lance Peterson VA3LP – PR-ARES Group Report – Appendix E
The DEC provided a short report on the situation in the District. He thought that mutual aid for ARES
was still a fundamental requirement, even when performing at local public events. It is important that Eastern Ontario ARES District Meeting May 2013
Report we all be prepared to be deployed for our community. He suggested that we all need to keep involved with the organizers of events that we normally deploy to support. These groups regularly change their leadership and can lose track of the connection with the Amateur Radio support. We must be proactive and initiate discussions with the event organizers well in advance of the event. The DEC also suggested that when your group does exercise, to let the DEC know and he will pass on to the other groups in search of volunteers. This practice will help to keep the mutual aid effective. He also recommended that other groups may want to adopt the “Test and Tune” event as presented by EMRG, to be better prepared for events, exercises and emergencies.
The DEC then requested that the group ratify the DMAP V2.1 mutual aid document that was
transmitted via e-mail to all the EC's on the 12th of May 2013. The changes that were incorporated did not change the agreement, just some areas in the various forms and parts of the SOPs. Also, there were some disconnects in the format of the document. Now the document uses the same format throughout.
As well, the Title on the document cover page has been changed to: Eastern Ontario ARES District.
All those present agreed to the changes. As well, in an e-mail from Robin Webb VE3UIX dated May
23, 2013, the DEC received ratification from the Almonte Club section of the LNL ARES Group.
Therefore, the Document will be dated as of the 25th of May 2013 and reissued as Version 3.0.
Next, Peter Gamble, VE3BQP, (previous EMRG EC) presented the proposed packet system for the
District. This is attached as Appendix F. This showed the existing systems within the district, the future development by each group and the suggested standards for those wishing to install or update. With the installations that EMRG would like to install, it will give us three separate systems (East of Ottawa + Ottawa, South of Ottawa and Northwest of Ottawa) that will be tied together during emergencies through Ottawa EMRG.
The DEC gave a short briefing on Outpost Packet Message Manager. This was just a quick overview as this is just another e-mail client, but built for ARES. He then went on to discuss how the ICS213 Message Manager, a software application that resides on your client's computer, could be implemented.
He had all those who brought wireless laptops with them, load the ICS213MM onto their computers
and connect up through a wireless router, to two separate packet systems operating with Outpost as their primary application. The “clients” were then asked to send e-mails utilizing ICS213MM to their counterparts on the other side of the room. The briefing and exercise is attached as Appendix G.
During the exercise, the “clients” had no trouble loading and running the program or understanding
how to send the messages as well as reply. However, with 3 clients hooked up to one packet system and another three clients on the other packet system, it did not take long to get bottled up at the packet system as it required that an operator be at each packet system full time. As the DEC was running the exercise and was also one of the operators, it quickly became a bottle neck.
When the exercise was completed the group was asked to provide feedback on the feasibility of using ICS213MM. The feedback was very negative for the following reasons:
Eastern Ontario ARES District
Meeting May 2013
a.) The log jam at the operator console led to confusion during the exercise and did not make it
easy to send traffic.
b.) Some felt that it would take up too much time of an operator when there would probably only
be on operator doing both voice and packet.
c.) Access to a client network may be difficult. On the positive side, it was indicated by the groups that this did not negatively effect the Outpost PMM application. They still felt this was an excellent program. One suggestion was to have Outpost on each client desktop and have them send it directly to the packet Outpost station for onward transmission without intervention by an operator. This is something that will have to be looked at in future iterations.
The DEC also indicated that since part of the problem was that some training was required by the
operator, he would investigate with trained operators the use of the ICS213MM and see if that can
alleviate the congestion at the packet terminal. This will be done to determine whether the failures at the exercise were in fact due to operator inexperience and over taxing or with easily trained operators a large throughput can be achieved without requiring extra operators for the packet system.
As there were no further additions to the schedule, the DEC thanked all who attended for their
participation in the meeting and exercise. He also promised that the annual meeting will be held in
April next year so as not to coincide with all the other activities that Groups are involved with once
May comes along.
The meeting was closed at 1605 Local
I would like to thank the City of Clarence-Rockland for the use of their Council Chambers for this
Lance Peterson VA3LP
Eastern Ontario ARES District

Creation date : 18/06/2013 @ 23:42
Last update : 19/06/2013 @ 22:05
Category : ARES
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