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active Club News, Current Events & Articles
Everyone can reply, but only club members have permission to post new topics in this forum.
3 5 by VE3DCL  View ?
26/02/2014 @ 14:55
active Public Announcments.
Announcements or events.
5 5 by VE3IGN  View ?
17/04/2014 @ 18:37
active HF/CW/Digital
HF operating modes & equipment.
1 1 by VA3JPX  View ?
04/04/2014 @ 18:00
active VHF/UHF/220
VHF & UHF operating modes & equipment.
4 4 by VE3IGN  View ?
12/03/2014 @ 20:40
active Antennas
Antenna design and construction.
1 1 by VE3SJN  View ?
13/01/2013 @ 21:04
active Swap Shop
Equipment sales & and notices.
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21/07/2014 @ 22:42
active Regulatory
Rules and regulations pertinent to amateur radio.
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08/08/2014 @ 23:01
active Rip-off and scams
Tell your horror story about how you got ripped-off or scammed!
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active I have a question!
Questions about anything (if you have no other place to put it!)
2 7 by ve3vig  View ?
21/12/2013 @ 22:58

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